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Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago - Liam

Please tell us your child’s cystic fibrosis journey before coming to CFVWW and receiving your vest.

My son Liam first exhibited symptoms of CF when he was 8 months old he would be Hospitalized for 2 to 3 days for a low salt level but no doctor known why. Most Dr in Trinidad has never seen a child with cystic fibrosis as our population is mostly non white. In fact Liam is among one of 3 children on the island with it one of the children has already died. We knew something was wrong with Liam but no Dr could tell us what they even test him for cancer which came back negative. When he was 4 he began to have Pancreatic issues that would make him pass out still no Dr in Trinidad could help because they have never seen a child with cystic fibrosis issues. So his grandmother took all her money and carried him to sick kids Hospital in Canada and there he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis with a simple sweat test. But we are not citizens of Canada so we had to come back home. With no access to drugs or machine for his care. In Canada they showed me how to do the cupping for Liam and that is what I did, before the vest. Trinidad does not even have a Pediatric Pulmonologists on the Island or Creon for Liam. Liam now uses his vest 2 daily.

What does receiving a vest from CFVWW mean to you and your family?

We would never have allowed a vest, so it’s not just a medical device, it’s a helping hand... we’re very happy about. The Dr in Trinidad have never ever seen a device like this before so this is a life saver for Liam as our health system does not have the money to purchase such a machine for only 2 children on the island.



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