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Thailand - Nida

Ann is the mom of 6 yr old cfer Nida. When Nida was born she was diagnosed with an obstructed bowel and had surgery within days. While Ann was taking care of her daughter she would find little “rocks” of salt on Nida’s forehead. One day she mentioned it to her doctor and the Dr suggested that she be tested for CF. Six years ago, there was only one hospital in Thailand that had a sweat chloride test and it happened to be the most expensive hospital in thailand. The price is $300 which is a months salary for the average thai person. They were able to get the test and it came back high and she was diagnosed. Her mutations are unknown. Her support encouraged her to get rid of her baby saying “This baby is going to suck all of your time, energy, and money and then its going to die anyway, just throw it away”


This story as crazy as it sounds is normal over here. Here is a sad video about it: Anne was a single mom of a CF daughter for many years, doing suction on her daughter all by herself in her own home. Taking care of her daughter as well as anyone could have in her situation. She is an amazingly strong woman and she loves her daughter! She was very happy to get a vest and made jokes about giving her arms a rest. Thank you to everyone who helped her get this!



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