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Skopje, Macedonia - Flora

I was diagnosed at 3 months old baby with cystic fibrosis, until I turned 16 I was okay but after I turned 16 I had many complications like 19% FV1, critical condition without the help of oxygen, many panic attacks, many different flus, I had allergies to all antibiotics and the only way out of this was the surgery or KALYDECO IVACAFTOR, I lost weight to 45kg from 60kg, when I turned 22 the big help came in our country which is KALYDECO, for me and two other patients. Now I’m better and the breathing tests I do are getting higher which is a good sign. Now I can easily spit out of my lungs the mucus and I feel better, now I really need the VEST. The doctors have told me that if I have the VEST my situation will be even better, so I really need the VEST as a part of my life.

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