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Meet Yendri living in Dominican Republic on Day 8 - Second Annual CF Vests Worldwide 8 Days of Love Fundraiser to benefit Cystic Fibrosis patients around the world with Cystic Fibrosis Therapy Vests

Introducing Cystic Fibrosis patient Yendri living in Dominican Republic

boy wearing blue and white tshirt
8 Days of Love - Yendri of Dominican Republic

Meet Yendri, an inspiring 8-year-old from Guerra, Dominican Republic who is an integral part of our Second Annual CF Vests Worldwide 8 Days of Love Fundraiser. As we mark the EIGHTH AND FINAL day, our focus is entirely on Yendri. We invite you to join us in sharing our collective love and support.

We are thrilled to share that we're making progress with our campaign, having already raised $3,233 towards our goal of $3,950. Your donation at // provides more than just a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation, it creates real, tangible change. Let's continue this journey together, keeping the momentum alive!

boy lying on hospital table with a cast
CF Vests Worldwide - 8 Days of Love

“Yendri comes from a rather impoverished but loving family and his parents. The school and our ministry work together to supply his expensive medications.

boy wearing a striped shirt holding medication
Meet Yendri - 8 Days of Love

The above photo shows him clutching medications that were shipped to him. He was so happy to receive them! Yendri receives the best care that we can provide. However, it is far from what he would get if he lived in the USA.

boy sitting in a chair wearing a RespirTech Cystic Fibrosis vest
Yendri wearing a RespirTech Cystic Fibrosis vest

One of the things that would most enhance his care and health is a Cystic Fibrosis vest. I am hopeful that you can ultimately find one for him.”

boy sitting on a chair wearing surrounded by hospital staff members
Hospital staff with CF patient Yendri

boy wearing tshirt and holding artwork
Yendri holding artwork by Dylan Mortimer and wearing a CF Warrior Apparel t-shirt

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation at // truly means the world to us. Your generosity helps us continue our mission of donating Cystic Fibrosis vests worldwide. For that, we are sincerely grateful.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


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