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The Hill Rom vest that was donated by CF Vests Worldwide to Cystic Fibrosis patient Lamis in Algeria has been received by her contact in the U.S.

The Cystic Fibrosis vest system will soon be en route to Algeria.

"As her parents, it has been an emotional rollercoaster, witnessing Lamis's daily struggles and the impact of this condition on her young life. Before finding out about CF Vests Worldwide and the possibility of obtaining a medical cystic fibrosis vibrating vest, our days were marked by anxiety and uncertainty.

Receiving a vest from CFVWW would mean more than words can express. It would be a lifeline for Lamis, enabling her to undergo gentle and effective treatments, bringing much-needed relief to her little body."

Have a Hill Rom or RespirTech vest, nebulizer or portable oxygen concentrator to donate to CF patients? Please contact me.

312 vests, 9 nebulizers and 8 portable oxygen concentrators donated to Cystic Fibrosis patients in 59 countries.


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