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The Hill Rom Cystic Fibrosis vest CF Vests Worldwide donated to this young man in Algeria has arrived.

CF Vests Worldwide has donated 15 Hill Rom and RespirTech Cystic Fibrosis vests to CF patients in Algeria.

The Hill Rom Cystic Fibrosis vest CF Vests Worldwide donated to this young man in #Algeria has arrived.

"Receiving a jacket from CF Vests Worldwide is considered the first moral and material support For all our family. Especially since we suffer in our country from a shortage of medicines and equipment You are angels that God sent to my son at a time when we lost the confidence to find someone to support us."

Have a Hill Rom or RespirTech vest or portable oxygen concentrator to donate to Cystic Fibrosis patients? Please contact me.

326 vests and 9 portable oxygen concentrators donated to CF patients in 59 countries.


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