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Cystic Fibrosis Vests Worldwide 2023 Tax-Deductible Donation Acknowledgment letters are going out!

To all 2023 CF Vests Worldwide Donors -

We are Finalizing Tax-Deductible Donation Acknowledgment letters to all who donated to CF Vests Worldwide in 2023.  Khadija Attique, CF Vests Worldwide’s Media and Communication Specialist, will be emailing the letters to donors in the coming days.

We are grateful for your support in 2023, and the team at CF Vests Worldwide look forward to a bright and promising 2024 with dozens more vest donations to those in our International Cystic Fibrosis Community!

CF Vests Worldwide logo on page
CF Vests Worldwide Tax-Deductible Donation Letter


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