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Chile - Vale

My parents had 2 daughters before me, they were also born with CF, unfortunately they were born in years when in Chile nothing was known about CF, there were no doctors who knew anything. They passed away at the age of 3 years respectively. I was born 6 years after the second daughter my parents had lost passed away. In 1996 a small dot was born Haha He was also born with CF ... We do not know God's purposes. I was intermittently hospitalized for my first eleven months. Thank God I managed to establish my health a bit, now I was a little dot with severe CF ... Over the years I have fought with many bacteria, several hospitalizations run through my body, and now I already have a beautiful Port a Cath that accompanies me for life Haha About a year ago, I met my virtual friend: Rod Spadinger. I've always said that God put him in my way. I was looking for a vest machine to be able to perform my therapies, in Chile these machines do not exist, therefore I had to look outside my country ... I was in that situation when I talk to Rod, I ask him if by any chance he has a machine that he is willing to provide. It is in this way that something like a virtual friendship begins Haha Rod manages to provide me with a Vest Machine, which helps me daily in my therapies. Without realizing it, a great story was beginning. My good friend Rod was very moved by the story and started a great foundation, in which to date hundreds of vest machines have been delivered to people with CF who need them and for some reason cannot get them. I thank God for putting you in my path, and many thanks to you, Rod, for all the support you gave me and that you continue to give to many children and young people with CF.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good ♡



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