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CF Vests Worldwide is working to donate a Hill Rom Cystic Fibrosis vest to Youcef Aris in Tiziouzou, Algeria.

CF Vests Worldwide has donated 16 Hill Rom and RespirTech Cystic Fibrosis vests to CF patients in Algeria.

"After the birth of my son, at the age of 5 months, the doctor suspected cystic fibrosis and we did the sweat test in twice and so positive. As soon as we had the result we started his treatment. Unfortunately in Algeria there is no way. There is no physiotherapist available all the time.

In a group they suggested that I send CF Vests Worldwide for my son and relieve his pain a little and not traumatize him every day with the manual therapy technique."

Have a Hill Rom or RespirTech Cystic Fibrosis vest or portable oxygen concentrator to donate to CF patients? Please contact me.

330 vests and 9 portable oxygen concentrators donated to CF patients in 59 countries.


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