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CF Vests Worldwide Facebook Memory – March 15, 2022 - Letter from a young lady in Kosovo who will receive a Cystic Fibrosis vest

Your donations have allowed CF Vests Worldwide to send 314 Cystic Fibrosis Vests to CF Patients in 59 countries.

"The possibility of having a vest has been an unrealized dream of my family, since my own medicines are too expensive for our standard, (the reason I paint, and sell my paintings) taking the vest has been mission impossible. But this Mission you made Possible with the help of your donors who are willing to help us, children like me - unconditionally to have a vest which is life changing for all of us who are with CF.

I really don't know how to express my gratitude to all of you. I can't find the proper words to make a sentence where I would put out all my emotions and feelings, and be able to say what this means to me, to us."

Map of Kosovo, Hill Rom Cystic Fibrosis vest, CF Vests Worldwide logo
CF Vests Worldwide Facebook Memory - February 15, 2022


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