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CF Vests Worldwide donated a Hill Rom vest to Cystic Fibrosis patient Muhammed in Mardan, Pakistan.

This is the 20th vest CF Vests Worldwide has donated to #cysticfibrosis patients in Pakistan.

"As my son was admitted in hospital when he was 2 months and then 13 to 14 times in different hospitals with the complaint of severe cough and not gaining weight, his cough was so severe, he became bluish.

In the 13 months, i along with my wife hardly slept 2 hours a night."

Have a Hill Rom or RespirTech vest, nebulizer or portable oxygen concentrator to donate to CF patients like Muhammed. Please contact me.

289 vests, 9 nebulizers and 5 portable oxygen concentrators donated to Cystic Fibrosis patients in 55 countries.

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